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The story so far

Flats Doughnuts was born out of a chance encounter back in 2017. My friend had just returned from Canada. While showing us the picture of his proposal to his Girlfriend I spied this odd flat doughnut thing. He told me they had them all over Canada. I was instantly hooked they looked amazing why don’t we have something like this in the UK I thought.

I already had one street food business but knew I could handle another so after a lot of experimenting Flats Doughnuts was born and entirely vegan at that.

Flats Doughnuts is setting out to provide the world with fresh hot flat doughnuts in a range of flavours inspired by the desserts and classic flavour combinations of the world.

Every Flats doughnuts is hand pulled and cooked to perfection ready to be topped and devoured hot.

Contact Us

Email us at: flatsdoughnuts@gmail.com


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